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  • Hi Ariana! I have a few questions!

    1. Previously, my observations give me the conclusion that if something (written by a staff) has once been on the books hub "From the Community" section and is replaced by newer blog post, it will later be archive What's Hot; I mean, I'm not exactly sure if my conclusion is right cuz I did not click on every single blog on What's Hot, but the majority does seem to be written by staff, and I know not all the stuff that used to be on "From the Community" are on there. So my question is... Is it okay to put the Inkheart menu on What's Hot, since it's written by you and it is now no longer on "From the Community"? I know it may be a think-skined request, but I really wanted to promote the trilogy in every way I can think of. (and yes, I am aware that the blog is on the What's Hot at the Lifestyle Hub, but because it's a trilogy with main characters being die-hard book-lovers, I kind of think the Books Hub is even more suitable)
    2. The Y.A. Society Reads Archive used to show the next three "books of the month"; is there a reason that it's only showing one now? Is it possible to go back to previewing three?
    3. The Buzz Books on Portal:YA Society Reads is still showing the May one, can it be updated?

    Thank you!! Sammm✦✧(talk) 23:33, August 7, 2015 (UTC)

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    • Hi Samm!

      1. Yes unfortunately we stopped archiving the From the Community section. It used to be on this page- feel free to update that page if you like! The What's Hot is supposed to be only for Wikia Marketing projects :)

      2. Updated!

      3. Updated! Thanks for reminder :)

      Have a great weekend!

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    • Sorry for the late reply!

      Thank you for making those updates! However, although you've said feel free to update From the Community, the page currently is locked from regular users =/ And if it's more of a archival page now, is it possibly better to rename it as such? (Not exactly sure!)

      Other book related wiki stuff. A fellow editor is in the process of adopting the Septimus Heap Wiki and we are currently doing our best to revive the said wiki; is it possible for you to help change the wiki to the book category (when it comes to WAM), like how you helped out the Cornelia Funke Wiki and Peter Pan Wiki? (The part where a orange "BOOKS" label would appear next to the Wikia logo) Thanks!!

      Also, not sure if you can be the go-to person for this situation, but since the direction of the wiki now clearly includes covering the spin-off series (which takes place in the same universe and 7 years later of the events from the main series; characters from the main series are also featured), can you help redirecting the currently unused url to the Septimus Heap Wiki?

      • todhuntermoon
      • todhuntermoonseries
      • todhuntermoontrilogy
      • todhunter-moon
      • todhunter-moon-series
      • todhunter-moon-trilogy

      Since the spin-off heavily referenced the main series (the book covers even have the big label "The World of Septimus Heap") and wouldn't really make sense without the concepts and terms established from the previous books, we hope that should people want to focus on editing material from the spin-off, they'd come to the already established wiki and work on it there instead. All in all, we just hope the wiki can be a concentrated place for fans of the same thing to gather around! Hope this can be considered! =D

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  • Hi Ariana, Is there a wiki for design requests? I'm working on a wiki and it is not ready for an official staff request and I only need help with the wordmark (maybe some opinions on the background?). 

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    • Hey BlackMage!

      Technically there isn't a wiki for design requests (would be cool though :D), but I'm happy to help :)

      Want to link or show me what you're working on ?

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    • Ah. Thought so. Yes it would be cool, right? Maybe we should make one. No doubt it would be useful.

      Thanks. It's the Rokka no Yuusha wiki. Do you think you could help with the wordmark? This might come in handy. But it's all kanji so maybe not? There are versions in english like here and here.

      I'm not sure what the colors and bg for the wiki will be. I'd love to hear your opinion if you think you could help with that.

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    • I found someone else who was willing to help so I don't think I need your help anymore. Thanks anyway! :)  I still think the design request wiki is a very good idea though. 

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    • Glad you found someone to help out! Let me know if it comes up again :)

      For now-- we have the design request page technically for wikis with a minimum amount of pages. Sadly I don't think I have time to do a design request wiki for smaller wikis myself, BUT I would love to see a Community member get involved with that :) I will ask around!

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  • I would like to ask you something about a ban I recieved on a wiki. 

    Okay, so yesterday I was on my IPAD trying to edit a page (Game Over, Charles) because I watched the promo, and one of the cast members wasn't in the cast section so I added it. I don't have a laptop at the moment, so I can't edit on the classic editor on my IPAD 2 since it doesn't have that option. I decided to use the Visual Editor, and I admit it was taking me ages to just add this one cast member, but I eventually finished and saved it. I checked if what I edited was there and I went off wikia. This was yesterday.

    Today, I came on to find I had recieved a one week ban for deleting content/pictures. I was surprised since I had NO IDEA, and I mean that and I will swear it to my grave that I had no idea, that I had deleted some content. I do take responsibility if it did happen but it was a mistake. I was never asked by an admin about what had happened and I have never recieved a warning on this wiki. (I used to be a chat moderator but I took a break from Wikia due to exams, but I haven't been on much recently either due to an accident in my family). I immidietly messaged Selena (Fearless Diva) on her wiki, I was upset and mad since I had no idea what I had done. I should of recieved a warning and a chance to explain myself, not a one week ban where I miss dicussing the finale with my PLL wikia friends. If I would of realised I had deleted the content, I would of added it straight back but I haven't  been on wikia since until about 20 minutes ago. I checked the rule guidlines to see if my ban was fair since I have never recieved a warning for anything. This is what the rule states:

    Vandalisim rule
    This is my first "vandalization" and I never recieved a warning or asked by an admin what happenend. It also states you need two warnings for this to recieve a one week ban. If I purposely did this, I wouldn't be upset and mad and I wouldn't be wasting my time sending messages to you and Selena, but I honestly had no idea. Is there anything that can be done? Thank you for your time!
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    • Also, I forgot to add that I checked my edits and I hadn't edited another page to have done this twice, so my ban was only for accidently deleting some content and pictures which I didn't know I had done. Sorry if this is really long, but I am upset and angry!

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    • Hi Queen Alietta!

      Oh no, that's awful!! Sometimes people get bans without warning-- this is something you should contact our Community Support team about. Here is the link if you want to go ahead and copy/paste this message for someone to help out.

      Hope that helps! Best, Asnow89 @@Wikia (profile)•(talk) 16:40, August 6, 2015 (UTC)

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    • Everything has been resolved, thank you for your help though! Your help is appreciated very much!

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  • Hello, I left a post on there a while ago and never received a reply. There's another person with a thread as well. I was curious. How often is that board updated and who is in charge of it? Sorry for bothering you. Once again, I was just curios on how long the wait time generally is?

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  • Hi, Ariana! It's me again, and I need your design expertise for a wikia I founded about the Worldwalker Trilogy by Josephine Angelini.

    I created the wikia on June 20, but I only got around to finishing the first book now. Problem is, the second book is being released early September this year and I have yet to update most of the content from the first book. Since I've been editing on mobile for the past few months, I can't even give the wikia a proper theme. This is where I need your help. Could you possibly revamp Worldwalker Wikia to look identical to its official website, complete with a wordmark, favicon, and background? They don't have to be exactly the same, but it will be nice if you could make it possible. I want to focus on building the content before the second book of the series is released.

    I understand if you're extremely busy, seeing as you're a Wikia Staff member. Thanks for hearing me out.

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  • Have you guys heard of the book Red Queen and how its going to be made into a movie being produced by Elizabeth Banks! Or of another author by the name of Lauren Kate?

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  • Hi, I'd like to inform you that Percy Jackson, Kane Chronicles, and Magnus Chase Wiki have merged their communities together into one collective database. Could you update the books template so that we are now under the "Authors" section as Rick Riordan?

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    • Oooh I think that merge is a fantastic idea! And thank you for letting me know! Apologies for delay-- was on vacation :)

      Looks like it was already updated actually!

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  • Hi Asnow. Sorry to bother you again. What've I noticed with the first month of Bible Book Club that its not something that lacks interest. There are users interested- that's not the issue.

    The problem(s) I am dealing with are :

    1. Being able to measure the level of activity/engagement with the Bible Book Study

    2. Getting users to engage

    3. Quality of videos

    4.Getting people actually reading the Bible

    I honestly see this as more of a video-driven program and its difficult to create high-quality videos. Overtime the quality will improve. I was wondering if sometime this week (Monday-Wednesday) we could chat for 30 to 60 minutes (I know you might not have that much time) and talk about perhaps ways to get people more engaged with the program and perhaps any ideas on improving videos and intregrating that with the wiki's content.

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    • That could be a really cool idea! I wish I had more knowledge about video series, but sounds awesome.

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    • Bible Book Club unfortunately has been discontinued, due to my lack of skills, talents and time for it.

      Something I would like to do someday, but at this point we cannot

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  • I have made you admin on the Fifty Shades of Grey wiki, I am the new admin on it. I have cleaned it up and it is almost done.

    But can you please have a look at this work I have been doing on the wiki. Here is a page where you can have a look at the extensive cleaning and reformatting I had to do.

    Minor Characters

    Please can you tell me what you think of it, due to it has taken me weeks to get it up to scratch.

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