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  • Hi there Ari! According to Special:UnusedFiles, as I'm typing you this message, there's currently 415 of them; that's quite a number.

    I don't know the inner workings of Hub type layouts, so I could be completely off the mark, and if that's the case, please kindly correct me and I'd learn something new. My observation is that, basically there's 7 images displayed on the Hub's homepage (not counting the 5 slots from "From the Community"):

    • First 5 are images that appear on the slide next to "WAM Score"
    • Follow by 2 underneath,
      • 1 representing the book of the month
      • 1 representing "What's Hot"

    Out of those 7, only 1 (the book of the month banner) seems to be continued to be used elsewhere after the homepage is next updated, leaving the rest to be unused and unlikely to ever be used again.

    Again, I could be totally wrong, but I'm voicing it anyways. I believe any image, whether they are put in a slideshow/slider, if the image is updated (aka replaced), what's on the slideshow/slider will be updated as well. Assuming this theory is correct, I honestly believe the easiest and most straightforward solution, for the first 5 images, is to from now on, upload them respectively as "Hub slider image 01", "Hub slider image 02", "Hub slider image 03", "Hub slider image 04", and "Hub slider image 05"; THEN, every time the homepage needs to be updated, only REPLACE (upload new images to replace existing files under the existing file name, instead of uploading new files under new names altogether) the slider images (depending on how many needed to be updated), that ways, you'd only need to change the text and links describing the slide images, and there would always only be 5 Hub slider images. The super plus side of this method is that:

    • The hub won't be overpopulated by this type of images. (A gigantic plus imo)
    • Viewers are able to see the trend, after the said trend is over. Right now, there's no direct way of telling WHEN those currently unused hub slider images had been put into used, we just know that they were at some point. We could perhaps track it down to Staffs' users' contributions and piece the information together, but that's honestly a bit stalker-ish (not that it's bad or anything, but it feels really personal). If the method is put into use, people would be able to see when the image was replaced (put into use) on the file's "File history".

    Similarly, for the square image on top of the "What's Hot" section, the image file can just be named "Hub square image", and be replaced every time the homage needs to be updated, for the same reasons mentioned above.

    I hope you won't feel like I'm trying to tell you how to do your job, because that's not what I'm trying to do; I appreciate greatly of all the Staff works, and I think you guys managed it quite well; I'm simply trying to suggest something that based on a commoner's knowledge, what feels like it should be able to work.

    Like aways, I will not be upset if the suggestion is turned down for good reasons. Thanks for reading!

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    • yep we can still do The Book Cooks for Winter :) And The Expanse was a Tune in Table because it's in honor of the show premiere. Our marketing team decides what is Tune in Table and what is The Book Cooks.

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    • Hi Ari! Sorry for the late reply; I had a 6-hr class since 8:20 this morning, and just got back home. I actually tried to reply to you via my iPhone 4S's safari during my lunch break, but I don't think Wikia's message wall works on it (tried on multiple different wikis, the reply button is unclickable)

      Anyways, I'm sorry! I had no idea the marketing was involved at all! I always thought it was you and certain staff behind it. I am still a bit confused though, because on the Book Cooks page it says it includes the books and their film and tv series adaptations; so does it mean it really just a case-by-case situation that there's no definite answer as to what the next show that fits quality will get sorted into? For instance, in the future if there's menus for the A Series of Unfortunate Event/Shadowhunters/His Dark Materials's tv shows, would they all end up being Tune in Table menus instead of the Book Cooks?

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  • I have been abused on here for weeks by this Anon User and I think that it is harassment and bullying and it is getting beyond the point of me not ever coming back on WIKIA. I am not doing nothing wrong! Please can you help me out!

    Please check this out! and to see the abuse in this thread!

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  • Hi Ari! I don't know if you've read Thread:12087#6 yet (and it's fine if you hadn't had the time to do so), but besides the last proposal mentioned in that reply, I thought about something else.

    I don't think trying my luck again and asking them to be exported/imported/deleted will give me a different answer, but if I did ask for those actions, it's caused by a different reason from the previous given one, so I'd like to explain this new one.

    I now understand and have no particular negative feelings towards those multiple book pages about books from the same series that haven't been books of the month. However, for Night World, besides the 11 book pages created for the individual books, even short stories got individual pages. That is now my new problem.

    I understand that those are unlikely to get the action I initially voiced, so I'm wondering if instead I can just make a new template "ebook" for those three pages and in case in the future people still want to create pages fitting the criteria. I am in no ways saying short stories published in ebook format are any lesser than actual full-length books, however, I still think they are in fact different, and people should be able to tell. To be honest, I do think having pages for short stories is again a step too far (when there's most definitely more than 200 book series that don't even have a page yet), but like I said, I'm willing to think within the circumstances and a different template is what I'm able to come up with for now.

    Please let me know your thoughts! And like always, I won't be upset if it's turned down, I'm just sharing my view on the issue! :3

    Edited: On second thought, the template name (if allowed to be created that is) could be called "shorts" or "novella" I guess. I'm thinking that perhaps it could also be used for those collective additions of short stories... and those probably would get a physical printed edition instead of just ebooks. Again, just a thought.

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    • Ah gotcha!

      And hmmm Sookie Stackhouse works fine. Can you create a redirect from The Southern Vampire Mysteries to the Sookie page?

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    • Hey there Ari! And yes, I would def. create a redirect of "The Southern Vampire Mysteries" once "Sookie Stackhouse" is created; I could not find a suitable image at the moment, so that task is put on hold (thankfully there's a lot of other things to do on the hub)

      I also want to inform you that I will be creating a page for "The Infernal Devices"; again I'd like to explain my reasoning. This is not for personal support, I actually haven't read a single book from the Shadowhunters, but reading the synopsis', to my understanding, they are simply all set in the same universe (having prequel-sequel relationship but not directly connected), and can be read separately if wanting to; I believe that warrants the trilogy of having its separate page as it could be seen as a standalone series. (It really isn't like I'd be creating 3 individual book pages, but just 1 series page) I hope that's acceptable.

      I think I'll also be categorizing images as a Thanksgiving/Christmas gift to myself (and hopefully to others) so that there's a smarter way to find files and to avoid uploading duplicates, if you see massive "added category" actions, please don't be alarmed and I promise I would not be spamming. You can see what I've done so far at here.

      On that note; while I don't believe a series needs an extreme amount of images on its book series page when people can probably find more details on their respective wikis; this may be influenced by my personal fondness towards the series, but I think that because HP is so world-widely famous, and recently having at least two well-known English editions, I want to also add the 2 new box set to the series page, I hope that's alright? That would be all I'm going to do, and not add 14 individual book covers but a small amount as complete sets. I want to keep File:Harry_Potter_US_hardcover_editions.png because I think in a way, not only for nostalgic reasons, that edition will always holds a special place for US readers (and some international ones, I for one know the traditional Chinese editions published in Taiwan used the same set of covers as well). So yeah, just want to know if there's any objections to that. (HPW is a big wiki and surprisingly I'm having hard time finding good quality images there, something I'm completely anal about, so I figured I'll treat the viewers here instead, if anyone's around that is)

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  • Hi Ari! Unlike Crooked Kingdom, belonging to a series that I hear that could be a duology anyways, I've found that EVERY SINGLE work related to the Night World and The Secret Circle series have their own separate book page on this wiki, which again, I think is completely unfair to the other works that w:c:nightworld gets 15 times the publicity, while w:c:thesecretcircle gets 6 times more.

    I do not wish to simply request for deletion due to the work the contributor has done, but at the same time, I do not think it is appropriate for the entire series to have that many pages here.

    I've fixed the overall series page to include whatever book covers (of the series) that's uploaded to this wiki, and directed all the individual books to their page on the series' wiki.

    I really hope that, every page (sans Night World and The Secret Circle; the series pages are fine) listed on {{Night World}} and {{The Secret Circle}} can be exported, then imported to w:c:youngadultbooks, a wiki that does seem to be for the purpose of having individual pages for each book. I am not an admin there nor is there an active admin, which is why I hope as a Staff you can help the process of importing those place to the destination.

    Please, pretty please, consider it. I honestly don't think "because they are already created, we should led it slide this time" is a good way to go, it defeats the purpose of even setting up the rule if there's so many exceptions.

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    • Hi, Ari! I did some thinking (I know by now people probably wish the issue can simply be dropped, but I can't help it). The reason I ended up finding those pages was in fact because I was browsing the books category, and from the page titles, there was no indication that they belonged to a series, so I thought there were that many series I've not heard of and clicked in to check. I did the test on Secret Vampire, and renamed it, making it into a sub page of the series instead, but used {{DISPLAYTITLE:}} so that it is still only showing the title of the book. The differences is that a.) you now see a "< Night World" underneath the article title, making it easier to see it's part of the series and b.) when you're browsing Category:Books, you'll see it listed as "Night World/Secret Vampire", so people won't be confused to initially think it might be a new book series.

      Is it alright if I make the same changes to those book pages? (I'm only talking about the ones mentioned in this thread, and not others)

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    • Sure that's fine :)

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  • Hi Ari, just wondering if you are still getting notifications for Thread:11839. I hope I'm not getting on your nerve, but I've noticed that with that thread and Thread:11468, I know from Special:Recentchanges that you had replied me but those messages weren't showing up, and I don't know if there's some sort of bug/glitch or wether it'd effect you from receiving updates from my later replies. Anyways, are you able to help set up the redirects mentioned in Thread:11468#12 now? Thanks!

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  • Hello. I was wondering if you could possibly add the Shatter Me Series to the YA footers? And redirect these URLs to the wiki:

    • shattermetrilogy
    • shattermeseries
    • shatter-me
    • shatter-me-trilogy
    • shatter-me-series
    • thejuliettechronicles
    • the-juliette-chronicles
    • juliettechronicles
    • juliette-chronicles

    Thank you so much!

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  • Hey just want to know if you could share this new trailer of Allegaint.


    Thanks! :-)

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  • Hi there Ari! Back when we first talked w:c:recipes:Thread:213412#6, because I have yet joined the Books Hub, so I want to make sure I do it perfectly when I joined (lol), and I asked:

    I'm kind of puzzled as to whether the format should be a page for an entire series, or separate pages for each books of the same series? Or both?

    To which you replied:

    Hunger Games we did different pages because we actually hosted a book club for each one of the books. BUT in general, I recommend one page per book series (then you can list all of the books on that one page).

    So I digested it as: Unless an individual book from a series is picked as the "book of the month" for the book club, a series and the books it includes should, as a whole, only get one page.

    And then this page Crooked Kingdom was created yesterday; I don't think it's fair since, well, besides the fact it has not been published, but also because books from the same series/universe had already been lucky enough to be featured in book clubs (Shadow and Bone, Siege and Storm, and Six of Crows). I am NOT saying that, should this upcoming book be selected as book of the month (which seems likely), there shouldn't be a page for it; but I'm saying if there's a page, it should have been created only till it is confirmed as a selected reading material. Otherwise it's just unfair for other books. This is again my personal opinion, but really, I do think that, if there's no such restriction, this wiki would have been crowded with book pages already.

    On that note, I just want to make sure, has Cinder and Beautiful Creatures ever been the books of a month? For Cinder, I'm asking because on Poll_Archive/2014, there's quite a few polls for that book, and most of the other works do happen to be reading club books, but Cinder doesn't have its banner on Y.A. Society Reads Archive if it were, so just wondering what was the situation. For Beautiful Creatures, I haven't found traces of it being a selected book, but again I would just like to make sure. If it is not, then I would like to reformat and make it into a series page so that it's not just cover the first book of the series.

    Edited: I just checked and Cinder was indeed a book club book, just one without the banner so unlike the other two on the next post, it wasn't even on Y.A. Society Reads Archive; I've made a banner for it as well. Hopefully there's no more missing (not exactly sure).

    Book Club banner - Cinder
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    • Because I find it really odd that only two books didn't have banners on Y.A. Society Reads Archive, I went creating ones for them just so it doesn't look like they were unloved lol. That page is locked, so if you find them alright, hopefully they can be put into use:

      Book Club banner - City of Bones
      Book Club banner - Shadow and Bone

      I added the month and year to the banners because I find it a useful piece of information.


      Also, what's currently on that page and User blog:Asnow89/2014 Y.A. Society Yearly Fan Picks representing Winter, is not the actual cover of the book but a fan cover; the right is the official cover, again, because the first page is locked, hopefully it could be changed. Since it's next month's book, is it okay if I go ahead and create a book page for it? This is one of the rare moments where it's actually about a series I've read and am liking! =]

      Edited: On the same note, since I was at it, I also went creating one for next month; unless it's already created, hopefully this would lessen your workload.

      Book Club banner - Winter
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    • Hi Ari, I think what prompt the locking of Y.A. Society Reads Archive was probably because a member tried to "archive" the past book clubs; while I don't think putting all the past events in a tab therefore affectingly hiding them is a good way to go, I do agree that the page lacks "landmarks" so to speak; I also notice the page's size could have been smaller as to how the links were done. This is the test page, if you think it looks alright, please consider replacing Y.A. Society Reads Archive with the below; if you think the collapsable thing is overrated (that I agree), simply take out the {{c| and }} will do. I just think that this way, at least people will have a general sense of when the book clubs happened:

      ==Upcoming Books of the Month==
      <big>Take a look at what's next on Y.A. Society! Buy your books in advance (or rent them at the library) so you can read along.</big>
      <gallery widths="180" hideaddbutton="true" position="center" columns="3" spacing="small" orientation="portrait" bordercolor="purple" bordersize="5" captionalign="center">
      Winter.png|December Book Club
      ==Past Books of the Month==
      | width="60%"|<center><big>'''Browse our past book of the month selections!<br /><br />Click on each header to see the fantasy castings, author interviews, fan art contests, and more from each month. Enjoy!'''<br /><br />P.S.: For fun charts, quizzes, character cards, and MORE - '''[[:Category:Fun|check out our "For Fun" section!]]'''</big></center>
      {{c|<gallery widths="300" hideaddbutton="true" position="center" spacing="small" bordersize="none" captionalign="center" navigation="true">
      {{c|<gallery widths="300" hideaddbutton="true" position="center" spacing="small" bordersize="none" captionalign="center" navigation="true">
      W-YA IT BlogHeader 700x220.jpg|link=Category:October_2014
      W-YA TFIOS BlogHeader 700x220.jpg|link=Category:June_Book_Club
      W-YA SaS BlogHeader 700x220.jpg|link=Category:May_Book_Club
      W-YAS BOTM SaB BlogHeader.jpg|link=Category:April_Book_Club
      Book Club banner - Cinder.png|link=Category:March_Book_Club
      VampireAcademy BlogHeader 700x220.jpg|link=Category:February_Book_Club
      Teardrop BlogHeader 700x200 (1).jpg|link=Category:January_Book_Club
      <gallery widths="320" hideaddbutton="true" position="center" spacing="small" bordersize="none" captionalign="center" navigation="true">
      CatchingFire BlogHeader 660x220.jpg|link=Category:November_Book_Club
      Divergent BlogHeader 660x220.jpg|link=Category:October_Book_Club
      TheLightningThief BlogHeader 660x220 MAIN 2.jpg|link=Category:September_Book_Club
      Book Club banner - Shadow and Bone.png|link=Category:August_Book_Club
      Book Club banner - City of Bones.png|link=Category:July Book Club
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    • Beautiful headers- thanks for doing that Samm! So sweet of you. I updated the page because I agree- it looks a lot better the way you did it!

      As for the book series vs. individual book pages on the wiki, again- I'll let you decide what's best. If there are a TON of books in the series, maybe 1 page is fine for all of them. But if there are only 3-4 books in the series, individual pages are fine. Whatever you think is best :) Feel free to create one page for The Lunar Chronicles, but please keep any individual page that has been a book of the month (Cinder, Winter, etc.). YOu can link to those pages from The Lunar Chronicles page if you wish.


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  • Hi there Ari! Take as much time you need on my last question (Thread:11812; it's supposedly the #5 post, but the anchors on Wikia isn't quite working) because I don't think it's a decision to make lightly anyways.

    On the other hand, I think people who have helped out editing the book wiki template or the directory, would admit that the list is getting longer and will only continue to grow; I went looking back the template history and saw that back in 2012, there were times it was using collapsing function; while I don't think it was great to hide the wikis by default, I do think it could be put into use, so I did a mockup at w:User:Xxsammmsammmxx/notes/A; that ways when people see sections they know they have no interests in viewing, they can just collapse them and save the scrolling time and move on faster; originally I only thought about applying them to sections that are getting long; but because the alignment aren't able to match up with ones without the collapsable boxes, I figure that if you approve, it's best to have it on every section.

    Also, again because the list is getting longer, I was thinking if you'd allow me to split those longer ones into individual sub-templates (would be 5 in total); they would still appear on the main template, just that its list is edited elsewhere (on its own sub-template page), like how w:Template:LibriFooter and w:Template:LibriFooter/lista works together.

    Please let me know what you think! Thanks!

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    • Aw thanks for doing mockup! I showed to our marketing team and they don't think it's necessary yet, but maybe if it grows longer in the future we'll let you know :) Thanks!

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    • Phew, I'm glad I asked before hand! I was so tempted to go ahead create those sub-templates and modified the main one! Do you think it's possible to give an estimation of how many wikis being listed would make the list considered "long enough" to put the mockup (or something better) into use? Right now I counted (and I could miscount because there really is a lot of wikis listed), there's 295 of them on the template, so perhaps 500??

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    • Yea maybe even 400? We might have to see as we go along!

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  • Hey there Ari!

    I know you are probably sick of hearing me with stuff lol please bear with me though!!

    Because I was organizing the portal, I did some digging, and found that the well-known book Beastly actually has some sort of complementary books; like, it could be seen as a standalone, but there's other books that's set in the same universe by the author Alex Flinn, here's all of them in publication order:

    Because of this, and because I happen to be a huge sucker for high quality images, do you think it's possible for you to unlock this main page: So I can help updating it? This is again those cases where I do not actually read the series but am attempting to butt in; however, just take a look at the main page... Beastly the film was shown in theaters a 4 years ago... it really is outdated considering the last edit on it is on May 17, 2010. I just feel that, with at least the main page up to date, people won't be as quickly to dismiss it like they probably would have when seen old info.

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    • Yep done :)!

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    • Thanks a bunch!

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