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The Books Network is a network of wikias that are focused on books. The purpose of this network is to allow communication between network members to prevent things like cross-wiki vandalism. Cörey is the creator of the Books Network- you can ask him or Asnow89 if you are interested in joining!


The Books Network works by allowing member wikis to communicate. This can be useful by allowing Administrators to ban vandals across all wikis in the network. Communicate with other members here!

It can also be beneficial by giving smaller wikis advertisement, which could help increase their active users. The network also gives members a place to relax and discuss their favorite books. Click here to chat!


What requirements are there to join the Book Network?

  • The only requirement to have your wiki added to this Network is the wiki MUST be about a book. This can be a wiki about one specific book or it can be a wiki about a series of books, it doesn't matter. If it's about a book then you can become a member!

What obligations do I have if I decide to have my wiki added to the Network?

  • There are no obligations when you join this network. Although you can use it to help prevent vandalism and to help promote your book-based wiki, you do not have to participate in any Network activities.
  • We encourage you to add the template {{w:BookWikis}}. We will add your wiki to the "Books Network" section at the top.
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